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Message from the Candidate


My wife, Anne, and I have lived in Herndon for 25 years and we can’t imagine living anywhere else. We have raised a family and opened a business here. Herndon embraced us – our kids received a great education in the neighborhood schools, our business has grown, and we’ve made friends who have laughed with us in good times and cried with us in hard times.  Anne and I love Herndon, it is our home. 

Over the years we’ve tried to give back.  I coached youth lacrosse, Anne was on the board of our local pool.  We've planned many block parties and neighborhood events over our years in Herndon.  I volunteered for committees to design the “It’s On!” logo and the stone markers you see when you enter Town.


From  2012 to 2020, I was proud to serve on Herndon’s Planning Commission, creating development frameworks for Downtown and the Metro area, and reviewing dozens of land-use applications in all parts of Herndon. In 2020, I was elected to  serve  on the Herndon Town Council. Through these roles I’ve learned the workings of Town government and have come to appreciate the challenges of running a small town amidst the Northern Virginia sprawl. 

Running for Mayor is the next chapter for me.  I was raised in Columbia, Maryland, one of the earliest and largest planned communities in America. I grew up appreciating the beauty of an economically, racially, religiously diverse community where many voices could speak and many people could lead. We won’t agree on everything but we can work together to create a warm and welcoming place where everyone can thrive. That’s what I want for Herndon, and that’s why I’m running for Mayor November 8th.