Issues and Priorities

  • Herndon is a special place.  We’re unique within the Northern Virginia sprawl because we’re an independent Town with our own identity; I want to help strengthen that identity and take advantage of our special status as a Town. Our immediate priorities should be keeping everyone safe and dismantling systems that  create inequality.  

  • Our historic downtown is beautiful but as we recover from the pandemic it needs more concerts, festivals and other events to bring people in and support our businesses.

  • We should encourage the creation of high-tech jobs at the Metro station to strengthen our economy and keep residential taxes low.  We need to bring in a university or other research institution to anchor the Metro area and set us apart from the other Silver Line stations. 

  • We need a good network of streets, bike paths and sidewalks to connect downtown and the Metro neighborhood to parks, shops and homes.

  • We need to work with the Commonwealth and surrounding jurisdictions to reduce the cut-through commuter traffic that is clogging our streets.

  • We need to examine our policies and practices to recognize their effects on climate change.

  •  Herndon is a vibrant, diverse town and its leaders should be responsive to all. We need to be open to new ideas on housing, public safety, traffic and other Town services so that all community members can feel welcome and thrive.